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Create, promote, sell, and buy NFTs – super easily! Create exclusive artwork, music, and videos for your super-fans.

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Finally, an NFT Marketplace For Artists, Not Just "Techies"

Let’s face it, most NFT Marketplaces can be tricky to learn for people new to the NFT space. But with the PurpleMeta app, it's easy for both you and your fans to use.

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Simple Payments

PurpleMeta accepts credit card and Apple Pay so no worries if you or your fans don’t own crypto. And if they do, they can pay with crypto, too.

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Environmentally Friendly

Feel good about the NFTs you’re creating, selling, and buying. PurpleMeta is proud to be a carbon neutral NFT marketplace!

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Engage Your Fans

People can follow you to keep up with NFTs you mint. Plus they can like and comment on your NFTs so you know what fans respond to most!

Create Exclusive Content and Experiences

Get creative with the different ways you can engage your fans with NFTs from artwork to music and live experiences. You can also collaborate with other artists and brands to create something truly unique.

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Turn your artwork into an NFT for fans to have as a digital collectible. You can even collaborate with other artists and share the royalties. 

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Release an exclusive track or album as an NFT that only people who buy can listen to and experience. It can be just a music file or video – whatever you want!

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Create an NFT that allows the fans who buy it to get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content or events like a meet & great.   

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